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New Year, New Project, New Website,

First off I would like to say Welcome to Nebula Dynamics. Our Passion is IT, Our Goal is to help Scientific and Medical Research projects complete their open research projects. How we accomplish this seems simple and is easy enough that millions of volunteers contribute to these projects on a daily basis through a variety of applications and platforms. Our Idea is to scale this research base towards a new not-for-profit datacenter focusing on these projects in a sustainable way.

Platform Background

This research comes to us through Grid Computing research Platforms like the Berkeley Open Infrastructure Network Computing (BOINC) Project. Projects like this have created small applications that can be installed on devices from desktop computer to smart phones. These applications then communicate with various projects (that the user dictates, they have a list of these projects on their site) and download little pieces of data that the computer or phone then handles the massive amounts of calculations for. When completed these results are sent back up to the research projects to aid them in their research.

The Problem

Currently there are many many projects through these programs that are asking for volunteers to dedicate their idle computing time towards the completion of their projects. Larger, more long term projects, have also been asking for additional resources and, with the constant growth in research and technologies, their computational needs are growing at an even greater rate. Our goal is to setup datacenters to be able to keep up with the growth rate in the available research and new projects on the horizon to be completed. The research that is being thought of and completed by these outfits far exceeds their own current capacity and their funding does not fully cover the need to compute all of the data they have at their disposal in a timely fashion.

Our Approach

We accomplish this goal through setting up fully managed and monitored network servers with these applications and aim them at the projects to work on this research data. In order to accomplish these goals we will be soon asking for the help of the Public through a number of channels and grant writing opportunities to source additional fuel towards the purchasing of equipment, licensing software, and for the management of this equipment and software.


Sustainability is a goal which we will be using the funding that we are hoping to source and are constantly working towards. We have a multifaceted approach towards the goal of making this idea sustainable involving tweaking the hardware and software that we work with toward an equilibrium of using near 100% of the available resources to be able to both provide this service towards scientific and medical research and be able to provide enterprise class services on a competitive playing field with other hosting solutions. These solutions will be rolled out at a later date when the infrastructure can support such a move.

Stay tuned for addtional updates to the company blog, and check out our news and About us pages!

Jaxom Widby

Founder - Nebula Dynamics
Email: Jaxom.Widby@NebulaDynamics.org
Office Phone (Call or Text): 1.425.835.3461


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