Get Involved

There are many ways someone can get involved in helping out this organization, its goals, and its purpose. Contributions can be made in a number of ways, helping fund this project directly, you can join the scientific research projects, and word of mouth through social media can help us promote this project. As our outfit is still in its infancy we are working through the steps necessary to recieve contributions directly and are currently aligning ourselves through crowdsourcing projects to get the word out about our project and to be able to move our project into phase one.

Contributing to our Project


Our first avenue of building capital to expand our idea is to work with crowdsourcing venture groups to spread the word about our idea and to ask for contributions. We have setup "prizes" for different donation levels to be able to help spark some tangable payback to those who decide to part with their hard earned funds. These vary from basic levels with gifts like logo tee shirts to meetings with the project team to the chance to direct research goals and name servers.

(Links to our project sites are still in the works)


We are currently in the works towards making it possible to donate directly to our cause and will have additional information in the near future for those looking to do so.

Social Media

Word of mouth is a powerful tool for promoting any business or cause and you can also help out by generating Buzz for our project through sharing our cause through social media sites. We have pages setup for our project to share news and help spread the word and promote the project on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In order to do so click on any of the social media links below, write a customized message to share us with the people in your life! Its as easy as that. If you like a specific article on our Blog, News, or even just our home page we have included social media sharing options on each to be able to connect those you know with sections of our site that you would like to promote. Also if you choose to follow our project pages through Social Media sites we will keep you up todate with our projects efforts.

Donate Your computer time to Research Projects

You can also help the project by donating your own computers' idle time towards research projects. This requires a little bit of storage space on your computer and a little bit of additional power and makes use of the unused resources on your computer. Most of the time when a computer is not in use it sits in an idle state waiting for someone to interact with it, and for the average computer user even when the computer is in use it is not being used to its full potential (Processor and Memory Usage). These research applications can use what you are not using of your computer to help towards projects that work on common goals for the greater good. These projects vary from helping to work out mysteries in physics to potential cures for disease and cancers.

The projects that we align ourselves with currently are listed through the Berkeley Open Infrastructure Network Computing (BOINC) Project, their hompage can be found at . Their project list can be found on their page or by following this link The projects we are currently interested in directly processing are those involving the efforts of Cancer, Disease, AIDS/HIV, and Genetics research as well as those working to advance the fields of Physics and the benefit of Third World Countries.

Through each projects' site you will be asked to create an account with their research project system. Most if not all of these projects allow for you to assign your account to be a part of a "Team". We would appreciate if you could join our Team which is "Nebula Dynamics". Your account and work will then be aggregated into our overall score and you will be helping to both work on scientific research projects as well as promote us. If you would not like to promote us but still donate resources towards research computing please feel free to do so.

We do, however, urge everyone to take part in these projects.